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Exploring EdTech is a digital resource hub, aiming to inspire primary and second-level teachers and school leaders to embrace education technologies in their teaching practice, by seeing best practice in other schools and in use by teaching colleagues, through tutorials and reviewing, presenting new and emerging technologies that may assist in teaching and learning.


Exploring EdTech is published in association with EdTech Ireland, the national organisation for the Education Technology sector.

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Why Explore EdTech?

Exploring EdTech came about as a direct result of the COVID Lockdowns when schools were closed, and home-schooling and remote learning became necessary. It was recognised that Teachers and schools would need considerable support in order to deliver quality online learning solutions for their students and so that teachers could deliver this, using best practices. 

When in-person teaching got back to normal, the gains that were made in the use of education technology were recognised and many schools continue to develop pro-active technology in education policies. To assist schools and educators in keeping up to date in the broad and ever-changing field of education technology, the founding team developed the idea of publishing a digital magazine which would add to existing CPD offerings across the country and kick-start additional interest and among teachers and school leaders at Primary and Second Level in Ireland.
This idea led to several education technologists under the stewardship of Tim Lavery, working together to create Exploring EdTech with the first issue being published in March 2021. Subsequently, the team of volunteers has published 8 issues, the most recent issue focussed on the hot topic of AI in Education. 

Exploring EdTech magazine is digital by design, we don't produce print copies. We publish our magazine on our website and our podcast on Buzzsprout where it is distributed to all major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and TuneIn, etc.


Our writers and contributors include academic researchers and practising teachers who share their experience and expertise in the field. We have had a great response from educators across Ireland and we even have received requests to extend the publication to the rest of Europe, our readership downloads have regularly exceeded 2,000 and we are working to build an ambassador programme in schools during 2024/25 so that everyone can benefit from Exploring EdTech and not just the tremendous tech-savvy teachers who have been ardent supporters of the project over the past two years.

We are always looking for new and exciting edtech. Let's connect.

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