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Exploring EdTech Podcast Series

Exploring EdTech, the podcast series that delves into the dynamic world of educational technology. Hosted by education and tech veterans, Tim Lavery and Dr Daithí Ó Murchú, Exploring EdTech Podcast will bring you on an inspiring journey through the ever-evolving landscape of EdTech in Teaching and Learning.



In a rapidly changing world, technology is at the forefront of education transformation. Recorded at the RDI Hub Studios on the westernmost edge of Europe, and broadcast through Buzzsprout to global audiences, the Exploring EdTech Podcast (EEP) is your compass to navigate the possibilities and challenges shaping the future of teaching and learning. Whether you're an educator, researcher, EdTech developer, or simply curious about the power of technology in education, this podcast is tailor-made for you.


Join us as we sit down with visionary educators and technologists, thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers who are reshaping the educational sphere. Our engaging conversations will shed light on cutting-edge trends, insightful case studies, and success stories that span continents. We'll dive deep into the EdTech tools, pedagogical frameworks and strategies revolutionising classrooms, training programs, and lifelong learning initiatives.

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Plugged-in to the Irish, European and global EdTech scene, our podcast team promises to provide a broad perspective that's relevant to everyone working at the intersection of education and technology. The hosts understand the nuances of the Irish and European education systems, and are here to uncover how technology can seamlessly blend with existing teaching and learning, to amplify educational outcomes.


Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of adaptive learning, virtual classrooms, AI-powered tools, immersive learning, gamification, inclusive education technologies, and so much more. Exploring EdTech Podcast isn't just for our local audience – it's for anyone who shares our passion for the limitless potential of EdTech. Whether you're tuning in from Dublin, Berlin, Johannesburg or Huston, you'll find thought-provoking insights and actionable takeaways that resonate.

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